Welcome to the Klinikzentrum Mühlengrund


The Klinikzentrum Mühlengrund is located in the beautiful Waldeck tourist region. Here, between Bad Wildungen and Reinhardshausen, several health resorts are spread over a wide area that is claimed to be "Europe's largest spa garden". The gardens are only a two-minute walk away from our clinic, which is situated in densely wooded highlands with a mild, bracing climate that supports recuperation and recovery.



Diabetology mainly ensures the healthy and balanced nutrition for patients. Hereby, individual and special requirements are taken into account, according to illness or the patient's personal situation.

Internal medicine / Cardiology


The internal medicine and cardiology department views its task as the complex and multi-professional care of patients in prevention, curative treatment and rehabilitation. Doctors, psychotherapists, nursing staff, physio & sports therapist, social workers as well as nutritional and diabetes consultants work together in the treatment team.



The neurology department investigates and treats acute and chronic disorders of the central nervous system and peripheral nerves, as well as muscular disorders.



The orthopaedics department deals with the development, prevention, detection, and treatment of congenital or acquired position or functional defects of the muscoskeletal system as well as patient rehabilitation.



The psychosomatic department treats patients with psychic and psychosomatic disorders.


Application for a stay or a treatment

  • If you are to receive follow-up treatment after treatment of an acute condition.
  • If you or a relative suffer from multiple chronic disorders, and stationary rehabilitation measures have been prescribed.
  • If you are accompanying a patient or request treatment with a spa doctor's referral.


Since December 2005, the Klinikzentrum Mühlengrund complies with the quality requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and the quality guidelines of DEGEMED.



Registration can be done by phone or by letter. To avoid unnecessary waiting times, we operate an electronic call transfer service.

The service is available via our phone number ++49 (0)5621 82-0.