The clinic

The clinic

The Klinikzentrum Mühlengrund consists of 2 rehabilitation clinics (stationary rehabilitation) with specialist departments for diabetology, orthopedics, internal medicine / cardiology, neurology, and psychosomatics.

Patients referred to us are at the center of our daily work. We always make sure that every task is carried out with utmost kindness, competence, and readiness to help.

We view our patients and their disorders holistically, i.e. as a union of body, spirit, and soul. The aim of rehabilitation is not only the achievement of best possible individual physical and psychic health, but also the promotion of self-determination and equal participation in life and society, as well as the prevention of disadvantages. Therefore, integration of the patients in their domestic surroundings, and also vocational rehabilitation, has top priority.

In order to overcome language barriers, we employ a large number of foreign-language employees from different countries. Our patients are self-dependent individuals, which is why we approach them with respect and esteem, regardless of their culture and background.

Apart from our patients, we view all of our business partners as clients. In particular, this includes the assigning cost bearers, doctors, and hospitals, as well as the relatives of our patients.

As a company with several hundred employees and several thousand patients and visitors every year, we attach great importance to partner like interactions and good cooperation with neighboring institutions. For us, responsible and careful use of resources is an essential commitment.

In order to ensure the high level of therapeutic offers, diagnostics, medical attention, and daily care, our employees regularly participate in internal and external further education. Our daily efforts and activities are monitored by means of regular patient interviews and the evaluation of feedback.

In order to meet the high demands of the cost bearers, the Klinikzentrum Mühlengrund GmbH is certified according to the quality guidelines of DEGEMED, KTQ, and according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.